Bearded Orchids in Morialta

Morialta-October2013-YurrebillaTrack-45-Dutkiewicz Morialta-October2013-YurrebillaTrack-46-Dutkiewicz Morialta-October2013-YurrebillaTrack-47-Dutkiewicz Morialta-October2013-YurrebillaTrack-49-Dutkiewicz Morialta-October2013-YurrebillaTrack-50-Dutkiewicz Morialta-October2013-YurrebillaTrack-53-Dutkiewicz

Calochilus robertsonii aka Purple Bearded Orchid
Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Angiospermae
Class: Monocots
Order: Asparagales
Family: Orchidaceae
Morialta Conservation Park, South Australia – October, 2013 – Yurrebilla Trail, off Moores Road, mild conditions

We have a favourite Orchid patch in Morialta Conservation Park – It’s on the margins of true scrub and it’s a field gradually being repopulated with native species after having “done time” as farmland pasture – As the seasons change, various species of Orchids emerge there, but that may all be changing – A weed species called Disa bracteata, a scourge from Southern Africa, is spreading through the spot!


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