Encounter With A Crested Pigeon

AdelaideBotanicGarden-2014-11-29-CrestedPigeon_AD_3 AdelaideBotanicGarden-2014-11-29-CrestedPigeon_AD_1 AdelaideBotanicGarden-2014-11-29-CrestedPigeon_AD_2

Ocyphaps lophotes aka Crested Pigeon, sometimes mistakenly called a Topknot pigeon
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Columbiformes
Family: Columbidae
Adelaide Botanic Gardens cafe – November 29th, 2014
a hot, dry day – that’s Hummingbird Cake on its beak –

Photo: Adam Dutkiewicz

Adam Dutkiewicz, Aldo Trissi, and I were taking a break from macro photography in the ABG – Here is a distillation of our Facebook conversation about this happy moment that ensued between SAN members:
Adam Jan Dutkiewicz:
We couldn’t refuse taking a shot – he took the crumbs off our plate and then sat at table with us for a good quarter of an hour.
Michal Dutkiewicz:
That’s right, it was! – Sigh – He was happy to sit on the chair back looking at us – It was such a magic moment – I have loved this species for years, and to be that close to one, completely unafraid of us, was sublime! I was doing my best to be the antithesis of my usual frenetic self! Incidentally, there was only a crumb of cake – We knew we weren’t supposed to feed them.
Adam Jan Dutkiewicz:
I had to lean back in my chair to get the 1.1m I need to focus as he sat on the chair next to me – if I’d moved he would have flown off. You can see my reflection in its eye, I have my black hat on.
Lance Leopold:
It’s so nice that it is so common in Australia, and the Crested Pigeon is just one of the many wonderful birds that call Oz their home. A lovely portrait, it’s a must for the SA Natureteers Facebook Banner!!
Adam Jan Dutkiewicz:
Very cute indeed – the last time I was that close I was nursing one in a shoebox full of cotton wool – unfortunately it was too weak to survive – Wouldn’t take any water or food at all.
Drew Dinham:
Stunning photo of a beautiful bird.
Avril Thomas:
Banner pic!!
Petra Elliott:
Love It! Thankyou!

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