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Heterotextus – Golden jelly Bells

Lobethal-2014-07-13-BushlandPark-IMG_0506-Dutkiewicz Lobethal-2014-07-13-BushlandPark-IMG_0497-Dutkiewicz Lobethal-2014-07-13-BushlandPark-IMG_0501-Dutkiewicz Lobethal-2014-07-13-BushlandPark-IMG_0504-Dutkiewicz

Heterotextus sp aka Golden Jelly Bells
Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Basidiomycota
Class: Dacrymycetes
Order: Dacrymycetales
Family: Dacrymycetaceae
Lobethal Bushland Park, South Australia – July 13th, 2014 – on large stick/twig, soggy conditions on sclerophyll forest floor

Here is another lurid yellow species, but unlike Discinella, this grows out of wood, not soil – It has a translucent  look like jelly baby/jujube lollies.


Discinella terrestris – Forest Tiddly Winks


Discinella terrestris aka Helotium terrestre, Dasyscyphus terrestris
Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Ascomycota
Class: Ascomycetes
Order: Helotiales
Family: Helotiaceae
Morialta Conservation Park, South Australia – May 10th, 2014 – wet, soggy, overcast conditions in soil amongst sclerophyll on forest floor

Photos & Text: Michal Dutkiewicz

Discinella is a small genus of Ascomycete fungi, Their fruiting bodies are bright yellow to yellowish-orange coloured discs up to 10 mm in diameter that grow in the dirt amongst the sclerophyll litter on the Eucalypt forest floor. It is found Australia-wide in such forests. I have only seen these in Winter, and in wet conditions – They are not to be confused with the yellow discs of Bisporella citrina, which grow on wood.

Learn more about Ascomycota here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ascomycota

Lacy Coral Lichen – Cladia ferdinandii

AldingaScrub-2014-08-16-IMG_9098-Dutkiewicz AldingaScrub-2014-08-16-IMG_9096-Dutkiewicz AldingaScrub-2014-08-16-IMG_9097-Dutkiewicz Cladia ferdinandii_Aus-SA-AldingaScrub_AD_1 AldingaScrub-2014-08-16-IMG_9099-Dutkiewicz

Cladia ferdinandii aka Lacy Coral Lichen
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Ascomycota
Class: Lecanoromycetes
Order: Lecanorales
Family: Cladoniaceae
Aldinga Scrub, South Australia – August 16th, 2014 – overcast conditions with occasional light rain

Photos: Michal & Adam Dutkiewicz

Cladia ferdinandii is a rare Australian lichen (Lichenized fungi) found in the Aldinga Scrub Conservation Park and in other areas along the coast. It is threatened by the encroachment of nearby housing developments. This very beautiful and delicate group of lichens resemble coral, and they are susceptible to trampling and pilfering, hence the need for this Aldinga Scrub colony to be fenced off.

Ferries-McDonald Conservation Park Is A Lichen Showground: 2

FerriesMcDonaldCP-2014-11-08-IMG_6716-DutkiewiczFerriesMcDonaldCP-2014-11-08-IMG_6712-DutkiewiczFerriesMcDonaldCP-2014-11-08-IMG_6719-Dutkiewicz FerriesMcDonaldCP-2014-11-08-IMG_6720-Dutkiewicz FerriesMcDonaldCP-2014-11-08-IMG_6736-Dutkiewicz FerriesMcDonaldCP-2014-11-08-IMG_6740-Dutkiewicz

Usnea scabrida aka Old Man’s Beard
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Ascomycota
Class: Lecanoromycetes
Order: Lecanorales
Family: Parmeliaceae
Ferries-McDonald Conservation Park – November 8th, 2014 – overcast conditions

This species looks like a tiny Bonsai and is, to me, one of the more appealing Lichens, along with the Cladia genus – Members of the Usneas apparently have common names like Woman’s Long Hair, Tree Moss, Old Man’s Beard or Beard Lichen – I hope my ID matches all the pictures in this Post.